How long do Silkies live?

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my friend has one and it has been alive for 8 years and they will probable live for about 10 years.

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Q: How long do Silkies live?
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How long till silkies bantams get their feathers in?

Silkies start filling in at about 6 weeks of age.

Can silkies and rhoad island reds live together?

Absolutely, Silkies will be the more docile of the flock and will tend to get bullied. The silkies get along with others well and Rhode Island Reds are not generally aggressive. A mixed flock of silkie and RIR is quite common.

Do silkies come in two sizes?

Silkies come in Bantam and Large sizes, in Europe the Large Silkie is favoured, while in North America Bantam Silkies are preferred.

Are silkies Australian?


What is the size difference between large silkies and bantam silkies?

The same of any other breed. However, in the US, there are only "bantam" Silkies - but from what I understand, they are more like a cross of size between bantam and large fowl. Apparently, there are only real size differences in Europe between silkies.

Do silkie chickens live in Germany?

Where, for example? Do you have any website or address where can I buy some eggs?

Why are silkies small?

Not all silkies are small. You may have a bantam breed of silkie. There are standard breed silkies available and they are as large as many standard breeds like Rhode island reds and Araucana. Check out Hendersons chicken breed chart for more information.

Why are silkies important to Australian agriculture?

because they are rare

When do silkies start laying?

Silkies start laying a little later than some chickens. You can expect to start seeing eggs somewhere around 8 or 9 months.

What age do silkies start laying eggs?

Silkies start laying (usually) between 7-9 months, which is later than most chickens, I have an 8 month old that hasn't started laying yet, but a plus to that is, the later in life your silkies lay, the more eggs you will get, and the more consistent with laying she will be.

Where to find a good book on raising Silkies?

You can find a good book on raising silkies on Amazon Whether you are already own Silkie chicken or you are considering owning them, This book on Amazon is for you >> ht tps:// [remove spaces] After reading this book, you will be able to keep your silkies safe within a mixed breed flock, produce your own price-winning show bird,keep silkies safe as family pets and much more!

What are the names of fuzzy chickens?

The breed you may be talking about are called SILKIES

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