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about 10000

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Q: How many babies do a female javelina have in a year?
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How many babies do female dophins have a year?


How many babies do a female pig have each year?

They have 9-10 in a year.

How many babies do the females coyotes have in one year?

sometimes female coyotes have 5 babies but most female coyotes have 7

How many babies does the female condor have per year?

4 or 5

How many girls born a year?

about 1,048 male babies born for every 1,000 female babies born

How many babies can 1 Tree We ta female have in one year?


How many babies do the female ruffed grouse have in one in one year?

they can only have one

How many babies does a squirrels have at one time?

Female squirrels have one litter per year and usually have 9 babies. That is all I know on that one. JKams Female squirrels can have 2 litters per year with 1-4 babies per litter.

How many babies does a cheetah have in about one year?

The female gives birth to two to eight cubs.

How many babies could a female gerbil have in a year if the male is not removed when a litter is born?


How many babies do raccoons have in a year?

Female raccoons only have one litter of babies per year. The size of the litter is usually 2-5 kits but occasionally more.

How much babies can a female have in a year?

only 1 ina a year