How many brown mice will be born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1/3 of the liter will be brown

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Q: How many brown mice will be born?
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Are there only pet white mice?

No. Mice come in many different colour variations. They may be black or brown it spotted.

Is there a difference between grey mice and brown and white mice?

All of the different colours seem to be the difference between the grey, white and brown mice...

How many mice are born male?


Are white mice or brown mice faster?

Technically it doesnt matter

You bought one of thesssse cute baby mice 10 monthsss ago how many mice do you now have?

1 (horseisle) Shorty from Brown Server

What are the main colors of mice?

Mice can be 4 colors - White, brown, Grey and black

What type of skin do mice have?

well... Mice could have brown,white,peach,and even black or a combination! :3

How long are mice droppings?

Brown Icky Or sometimes black .

What are some reasons for brown tree snake?

Catch mice :-)

Why do mice have brown teeth?

so would we if we didnt brush our teeth

Do mice use camoufalge?

Well, it depends on how you mean. The wild mice are brown so i think, sure it is camoufalge. Because they are night active, i mean, you could see a white mouse in the dark, but not a brown.

What is this an example of a large river separates two populations of mice A beaver dam that is built allows the mice to cross the river Over time many gray mice are born?

disruptive selection