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There are an estimated 8 Billion Chickens on the Earth. So Chickens outnumber Humans by 2 billion.

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Q: How many chickens are on earth than humans?
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How many chickens are in the world?

two times more than humans

Are pigs healthier than chickens to humans?

No. Pigs are biologically closer to humans than chickens. The diseases than can affect pigs are closer to those cross species to humans. Many of the Avian pathogens do not have an effect on a human.

What is the difference between how chickens and humans grow?

chickens are smaller than humans and have 4 legs and humans have 2 legs.

How many chickens are the whole world?

there are way more chickens in the world than there are humans. i don't know the figures but considering there are 7 billion humans, id guess it was a pretty big number.

How many bones do chickens have?

Chickens have 120 bones. Several of them are extremely small and hard to see. They have less bones than humans, who have 206 bones.

Do chickens eat GIANT humans?

noway your alot bigger than the chickens but some do peck on your toes

Are there more humans in this world than chickens?

No there is more human than chicken, call me

Is there more chickens than humans in the world?

Yes. Yearly production of chickens is approximately 6 times the human population.

How many pets are owned in the US?

more than the population of humans on the earth

How many mosquitoes are there?

I believe that it is physically impossible to get information like that, since their population increases every moment.

How many feathers do chickens have?

chickens have more than 110 feathers

Why are there more chickens in the world than people?

Because humans like the taste of chicken

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