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A chicken has 78 chromosomes in its somatic cells.

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Q: How many chromosomes does a chicken have in somatic cells?
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How many Chromosomes are in mosquito cells?

Somatic mosquito cells have 6 chromosomes

How many chromosomes have non somatic cell?

Except in the egg and sperm, all cells are somatic cells and have the normal number of chromosomes.

How many chromosomes are found in a somatic cell of an offspring?

In humans, the somatic cells of an offspring have 46 chromosomes.

How many chromosomes are in a normal persons somatic cell?

In humans there are 46 chromosomes that are split into 23 pairs in the somatic cells. Somatic cells forms the body of an organism.

How many Number of chromosomes in somatic cells?


How many chromosome pairs do horses have in their somatic cells?

The diploid number of chromosomes in a horse's cell is 64, therefore they have 32 pairs of chromosomes in their somatic cells.

How many pairs of homologous chromosomes are in a fruit fly somatic cell?

5 homologous chromosomes are in a fruit fly somatic cells.

How many chromosomes in a normal persons somatic cells?

23 pairs and 46 chromosomes.

In humans how many chromosomes are in a cell?

46 chromosomes in somatic cells and 23 in gamates

How many pairs of chromosomes do dogs have in their somatic cells?

78 pairs

How many chromosomes are there in each horses body cells?

It will depend on the animal - the number of chromosomes varies from species to species. Somatic cells are non-sex cells. This means that in sexually reproducing animals, somatic cells usually have 2 pairs of chromosomes (they are called diploid cells). Human somatic cells have 46 (23 pairs of) chromosomes. Cat somatic cells have 38 (19 pairs of) chromosomes. Dogs have 78 (39 pairs of) chromosomes.

How do the number of chromosomes compare in gametes and somatic cells?

I will assume that you mean human cells. Somatic cells are diploid (2n), containing two sets of chromosomes, one of paternal, one of maternal origin. Gametes, on the other hand, are haploid (n), with a single set of chromosomes, ie. half as many as the somatic cell. Now, the haploid chromosome number (n) is characteristic of the species, and in humans this number happens to be 23. Therefore a human gamete has 23 chromosomes, and a human somatic cell 23 pairs, or 46 chromosomes.