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260-280 depending on the bird, some have claimed 300+ but I'm dubious about that number.

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The life span of Sebright chickens can be as long as 10 years. Often the birds are killed once their egg laying declines.

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15 years

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Q: How many eggs do a light sussex lay in a year?
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What colour eggs do light Sussex chickens lay?

The Sussex chicken is a dual purpose breed originating in England at the time of the Roman conquest. The Sussex can be of standard size or bantam. Their large eggs are cream to light brown, and the hen lays 240 - 260 eggs a year, with the light color types being best as layers. Rarely a Light Sussex will lay a green egg.

How many eggs will a speckled sussex hen lay in a year?


What breed is a sussex star?

It sounds like a cross breed. this web site ( states"Sussex StarA very popular lovely old fashioned style chicken, the Sussex Star is white with beautiful black markings around her neck and tail. A Hybrid version of a Light Sussex that lays a light brown egg at a rate of approximately 260 per year."And this from web site ("The new Sussex Star has been bred to be a dual purpose bird from the Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red. A utility bird that manages to look good with a lovely calm nature. She is very attractive white bird with a black collar and tail feathers. She will lay about 250 light brown eggs."

How many eggs can a bee lay in a year?

620,500 eggs in a year.

How many eggs do frizzle lay a year?

Approximately 150 eggs a year

How many eggs to komodo dragon lay in a year?

It is about 90-100 eggs in year.

How many eggs do ostriches lay a year?

a ostrich can lay 25 eggs in a year

How many eggs does a African grey ley a year?

An African Grey does not lay that many eggs in a year. They mainly lay eggs once to twice a year with two to three being in a batch.

How many eggs should two birds have in a year?

Two Eggs

How many eggs does the brown kiwi lay a year?

up to 3 eggs a year...... thanks for asking....

When a hen laid 10 dozen eggs in one year. How many eggs is that?

120 eggs.

How many eggs do toucans lay a year?

once in a year