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He's one year old.

There are some silly rules like each year is 7 dog years, but a dog's childhood is extremely short compared to human and their total lifetime varies quite a bit by breed.

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one year for us humans is seven years for a dog.

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Q: How many puppy years are in one human year?
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How do you tell if a puppy is 3 days old how is in human years?

ok if 1 dog year is 7 human years.. a 3 day old puppy should be 21 days old cause lets pretend day=year.. so 3 year old puppy is 21 year old human.. so change that into days

What is an equivalent of four weeks old puppy in human age?

In the first year of life, a puppy goes from newborn to adult. That would take about eighteen to twenty years in a human. So, four weeks being roughly a twelfth of a year, that would make a month old puppy chronologically equivalent to an eighteen to twenty month old human. After the first year, dogs age approximately four years to each human year. The idea of dog years being equal seven human years is an average over their entire life span.

How long is 20 years in puppy years?

140 years old is the correct answer because you times whatever human year by the dog years so 20 X 7 is 140. and a cat year for 1 human year is 16 cat years for one human year...... Hope this helps.... :)

What is the puppy time line for anOld English sheepdog?

time lines are the same for all dogs a normal human year for the first 2 years and after 7 dog years to a human year.

Is a puppy an adult at one year old?

No. They are now considered to be adult dogs.

1 year in monkey is equal to how many human years?

1 chimp year = 2 human years

How many dog years to human?

there are 7 dog years in 1 human year.

How many years in seal years is a human year?


How many budgie years are in 1 human year?

1 human year=7 budgie years Thats what I think...

When is a puppy not a puppy anymore?

After it turns 2 years old in human years, it's a dog even if it still looks like a puppy and acts like one. It's like a tennager, still acts like a kid once 13.

How many llama years equal one human year?

15 llama years=1 human years

How many dog years are one of your years?

The formula is: 10.5 dog years per human year for the first 2 years, then 4 dog years per human year for each year after.