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From past experience, they normally have about 1-6. I'd say on average probably around 4 kittens. There could be more, but I haven't seen anymore than this in my lifetime raising cats. The largest litter currently on record is a Burmese queen whom gave birth to 19 kittens, though only 15 survived. (One female, fourteen males.)

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Q: How many young do cats have at one time?
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How many young do cats produce at a time?

Cats produce as little to one kitten to up to ten kittens a litter. It differs with each kind of cat.

How many young do cats give birth at a time?

This varies widely from cat to cat and from litter to litter. The usual range is from one to about ten, with an average of about five.

How many young does a bear have?

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How many young do walruses produce at a time?


How many young does a bear produce one time?

Usually one or two cubs at a time.

How many baby's do cats have at one time?

they CAN have 9 but usualla its per nipple on the cat

Do cats deliver kittens all at once?

cats can have a litter of up to twelve at one time so yes cats do deliver at one time.

How many young hippos are born at one time?

About 12-30

How many young does the bottle dolphin have and a time?

It has only one baby

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They have one young at a time...........

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None. Rabbits are mammals and bear live young.

How many babies can mammals lay at one time?

On average, mammals give birth to between one and four young at a time, depending on the species. Animals such as dogs and cats easily have up to eight (or even more) young. An unusual mammal is the Tasmanian devil, which gives birth to between 20 and 40 joeys, although only four can actually survive.