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about how much does a cairn terrier cost?

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Q: How much does a cairn terrier puppy cost?
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How much does a cairn terrier cost?

about how much does a cairn terrier cost?

How much money does a Yorkshire terrier puppy cost at pet co?

about 400 dollars

How much does a jack Russel terrier puppy cost?

Around £200 but ranges a lot

How much money does a Yorkshire terrier puppy cost at Petsmart?

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy would cost about...$300-$500 but I'm just guessing.

About how much money would a Yorkshire Terrier puppy cost?

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are usually sold for between $400-$750.

How much does a paddington terrier cost?

I got my beautiful Paddington Terrier as a rescue puppy, so he was free. The best dog I have ever owned.

How much do you feed your 5 month old border terrier puppy?

how much food should i give my border terrier puppy

How much would a Airdale terrier cost?

A purebred from a reputable breeder (not a puppy mill) should cost $800 to $1200 USD.

How much do puppy terriors cost?

Did you mean "puppy terriers"? It depends on which breed of terrier it is (eg. Yorkshire Terriers) and where you buy it (eg. pet shop).

How much does a Cairn Terrier weigh?

Generally, both male and female cairn terriers will weigh around 13.2-17.6 lbs (6-8 kg).

How often and how much should a cairn terrier eat?

Not much. They are in the terrier breed so they sholud not eat to much. I would recommend a medium size bowl 2 times a day.

How can you tell if your dog is a Cairn terrier or Norwich Terrier?

Norwich terriers are only brown (or have a brown stripe down their back) and have thick wire hair. Cairn Terrier fur is light brown and can have a little black--usually around ears and nose/beard (others are all black), and is much softer and not as dense as a norwich terrier.

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