How much is the Cost of a bail of hay?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A hay bail cost £20-£30

what does a bail of hay in the U.S.?

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Q: How much is the Cost of a bail of hay?
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Is a round baler or a square baler more expesive for the same amount of hay?

A round bail of hay is cheaper. The cost of a single bail of hay times the amount in a regular round bail is alot more in price. A round baler is more expensive.

How much do tracter pullers make?

a bail of hay a day

What is a container of hay called?

It is called a bail of hay. ANswer Hay bale.

How do you beat level 14 on pigstacks?

first you get rid of the hay underneath the pig. the pig will fall onto another bail of hay. then get rid of the bail of hay that he fell on. next you need to get rid of the oblong bail of hay so the other bail will fall through and then the pig will go flyin and your done.

who flush you hay bail?

george washington

How much did it cost to bail in 1864 or 1863?

Bail is not a fixed amount, it varies depending on a number of factors.

What is an example sentence with 'bail' and 'bale'?

The boy's parents had to pay $3,000 in bail because he set fire to a bale of hay on a neighbor's farm.If a raft was made with hay from a bale, you couldn't bail the water fast enough to prevent sinking.When my cow ate the neighbor's bale of sweet hay, I had to pay $100 bail to ensure I would appear for court.

What is the homophone for bail?

Her job on the farm was to bale hay.

Is a bushel of hay equal to a bail of hay?

No, a bushel of hay is not equal to one bale of hay. There is approximately twenty bales of hay in one bushel or string bale or hay.

How much is T Mobile bail out fee?

The T- Mobile bail out fee cost 200 dollars or more :)

What is a sentence using the words bail - bale?

When he was out on bail, he helped his father to lift a heavy bale of hay.

Do I need two separate hay balers to bail rectangle and round bails?

Yes; Round hay balers utilize rollers to create the round, or cylindrical bail shape, where rectangular hay balers utilize a series of knives that cut the hay into pieces to fit into the proper bail size. You may try searching the John Deere website to see the differences.