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well it depends on what kind of hamster your buying most of them are like $9.58 one is $6.50 and i want that one. the cage well it depends on which one your buying the one i want is $20.00. the food is i think about $4.00. the ball one is $4 one is $7 and one is $15.( the cage i want has all the things you need like the wheel the food bowl and the water bowl for twenty bucks. )

Date 6-3-10 (today is June 3rd 2010 :)

I'm 9 years old and this was posted in 2010 and my birthday is November 28th born 2000 and I'll get a hamster in 8 days ( today is Thursday but I'll get a hamster on Friday) on June 11th.

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Q: How much money does a hamster cost at pet supplies plus?
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