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DO NOT let the puppies decide, as they will overeat and develop health problems. The mother will know when to feed her puppies.

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For puppies, 3 meals a day. For adult shih tzus, 2 meals a day. 1 meal is not enough for a shih tzu, which is why some shih tzus eat their scat.

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Q: How often should the mother feed her puppies?
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What to do with two two weeks old puppies with out mother?

Well, you can call the vet and ask them how often you should feed them. When I have to "mother" some of my puppies, at the age of two weeks, I feed them every two hours.

What to do if mom pitbull doesn't feed pups?

When a dog has puppies, be sure to take both the mother and the puppies to the vet to be checked out. After that if the mother doesn't want to feed, you will have to bottle feed them. Puppy formula should be available at your local Vet's office. Instructions are on the back of the can for how much and how often to feed them.

How should I feed my puppy and play with it?

feed it puppies

How do you feed the puppies if the mother dog does not?

Milk replacement powder, follow the directions, feed with an eyedropper.

When can you touch a newborn baby?

You can but you should be careful, the mother will be very protective until they are six weeks old. If you touch puppies before then the mother may not feed them and then the puppies will die. And if you want them to stay alive please don't touch them and then you don't have to worry about the puppies dying. You can handle newborns if the mother isn't feeding them it doesn't mean they will die you can bottle feed them

Can you move newborn puppies to another mother with puppies?

yes u can but sometimes the mother wont accept the puppy so u will have to feed it by hand

How soon do I start watering puppies?

they should be feeding from their mother if they are newborns :) but after about a month you should start to feed then soft and broken up food in small amounts x

Does a mother hamster have to feed their baby?

Yes they do. A mother hamster usually feeds the puppies for two weeks after they are born.

How do mother dogs feed puppies?

On their bellies they will have nipples that produce milk (just like a human female) and this is how they feed their puppies until around 5 weeks old when the puppies teeth start growing in and they can eat on their own

Your pitbull had puppies yesterday how long should you wait to feed her?

Feed her at normal feeding times and feed her a little more than usualy, after having puppies dogs get really hungry and it takes away alot of energy to feed the puppies.

Can the owner help feed puppies?

Its best for the mother to do that when the pup is still little. When they grow up u may feed it

What can you feed 20 days old puppys?

Once a puppy is weaned from its mother, it is preferable/healthier to feed puppies dry food made (and marked on the bag) for puppies. Canned food will often give its sensitive and still developing digestive system runny stools. Feed it only the amount shown in the feeding instructions on the bag.