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40. It is believed that for every human year a cat year is 5.

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Q: How old will your cat be in cat years when he turns 8 in human years?
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How old will the cat be in cat years when he turns 17 in human years? Your cat will be 84 in cat years when he turns 17.

How old is a cat is a 21 year old cat in human years?

A 21 year old cat is about 101 years old in human years.

If a cat is 3 years old what does that equal in Human life?

If a cat is 3 years-old. They are 29 years-old in human years.

How many human years are equal to cat years?

about 15 years

How old is a jaguar in two human years?

In human years, a jaguar that is two years old is actually fourteen years old in cat years. This is because for every year a cat ages in human years they age seven in cat years.

If a cat is 5 human years old how old is it in cat years?

9 months old

Cat is sixteen years old now how old is she in human years?

At 15 yrs old a cat is 76 human years old. At 20 yrs old a cat is 96 human yrs. old. This is from a reliable publication. Figure about 85 yrs old human years at 16 yrs old.

How old is your cat in human years if he is 29 in cat years?


How old is a 13 year old cat in cat years?

A 13 year old cat in cat years is 13 years old... in human years 68 years old.

How many cat years is in 5 human years?

5 cat-years equal about 36 human years<< technically the question asks how old a 5 year old cat is in HUMAN years not cat years, the answer to the question if it was asked in cat years is about 36 however the way this question was actually asked was in Human yeas so that answer is if the cat is 5 years old in HUMAN years then the cat is in fact 5.

How old is a cat when it is 117 in cat years?

At 117 cat years I would be surprised if it was still alive. That would be over 800 years old in human years.

How old is a cat in human age when the cat thirty-four?

lol...234 years old