How smart is the Japanese Akita?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Japanese Akita is an extremely smart dog. You can really see it understands everything that is going on.

I myself am the owner of one, and I am more and more amazed by its cleverness every day.

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Q: How smart is the Japanese Akita?
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What makes an American akita different then akita inu?

the Japanese akita inu was created in world war 2, the story is there was a Japanese mother with 3 kids in world war 2 and she had to leave her home to go find her and her kids food and water but she couldent leave them alone, so she bred her 2 dogs toghether and made the Japanese akita inu to protect her kids. there also known as the babysitter dogs. after that mothers all around the world leave there kids in the safe hands of the Japanese akita inu. in japan when someone is sick or having a baby there family and friends give them a statue of the Japanese akita inu for a symble of good luck and loyalty. the Japanese akita inu is a, loyal, corageus, very very smart, great with kids, protective dog, they are made for babysitting children and protecting there family even if it means his or her life. he will die for you. hatchi was a Japanese akita inu too. as the Americans ruined the Japanese akits inu by breeding them with something else and making the American akita. the American akitas story is, these Americans were jelouse of how stong and loyal the Japanese akita inus were, so they took one and bred it with a whole bunch of diffarend dogs to try to out bid the Japanese akits inu. so the dogs they have now are American akits and they are so diffarent, they, are bigger (not better at all), stronger, more diffarent. the American akita is not good with clildren. needs a strong leader. needs to know who is the alpha. the American akita is now made for killing brear and big game. and dog fighting too. if you have children of any age i highly recomend the Japanese akita inu.

What dog breeds are Japanese?

i know of 3 breeds. shiba inu, akita inu (aka akita) and Japanese chin. chow chow is either Japanese or Chinese but I'm not sure

What is a curly tailed Japanese dog called?


What type of breed is hachiko?

Akita. This type of dog is a very good breed. I highly recommend getting one.

How do you spell aqita?

The Japanese proper name is Akita (a prefecture name), also applied to a dog breed, the Akita Inu.

What is a dog from Japan?

An Akita? Japanese fighting dog as I recall?

What do you call an akita-chow-japanese spitz mix?

a mutt

A animal that starts with a dog?

The dogfish.

Was Hachiko a Japanese or an American Akita?

Hachiko was a Japanese Akita.He was loyal..R.I.P Hachiko And His Master..

What is the word 'inu' when translated from Japanese to English?

The Akita- 秋田 or Akita Ken- 秋田犬(kanji)・アキタケン(katakana) is a Breed of large dog originating in Japan, named for Akita Prefecture, where it is thought to have originated. "Inu"- 犬 means "dog" in Japanese, although in practice this animal is nearly always referred as "Akita-ken," based on the Sino-Japanese reading of the same kanji.

How do you get papers for your 9 month old Japanese akita?

you have go vets

How did the Japanese Akita get its name.?

It was name after the boy Brad Damin Chong.