IS Six horses faster than 1 horse?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It would depend on the horse(s).

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Q: IS Six horses faster than 1 horse?
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Why would a horse throw a shoe?

a horse would throw a shoe when it hasn't had its feet checked by the farrier in six weeks. the nails in the shoe would get loose and if the horse galloped around and stepped on a hard surface the shoe could fall off.

Riddle what kind of horse has six legs?

no they can't. If a horse breaks it's leg it has to be put downSecond Answer:Whilst it is true most horses with leg injuries do get put down, there have been several stories and reports one horses being amputated and getting a metal "hoof". Of course, the horses welfare and life conditions are accessed before a decision is made to go ahead.

How long is a horses first cycle?

a horse is born as a foal, and that's when the cycle begins. a foal is weaned from its mommy when it is usually six months old. then its called a weanling. so the first part of it's life is six months long

Is it to late to break in a six year old brood mare?

Well, It's never really too late to break a horse in. Some horses maybe easier then others. It also depends on the relationship you have with her. Younger horses are easier to break, but six is still pretty young. If you are inexperienced with training then I would consult a responsible trainer first and read up on it. I've broke a 14 year old Morgan before and he turned out to be a great lesson horse and upper level dressage horse. Good luck. Happy training!!!!!!

If a horse and a half can eat a hay bale and a half in a minute and a half how long would it take six horses to eat six hay bales?

It would take 12 bales of hay!!!

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Which horses have six legs?

The Horse Isle2 answer for this riddle is just 'Ridden' -Bareback ;)

How tall can a female horses get in feet?

Depending on the breed of the horse, they can grow to about six feet.

Why would a horse throw a shoe?

a horse would throw a shoe when it hasn't had its feet checked by the farrier in six weeks. the nails in the shoe would get loose and if the horse galloped around and stepped on a hard surface the shoe could fall off.

If horse shoes get six nails each how many nails are needed to shoe five horses?

Six nails per shoe, four shoes per horse, time five horses. 6 x 4 = 24, 24 x 5 = 120

When does a clydesdale horse no longer need its mother?

Like other horses, at roughly six months of age

WOULD A 6 horse chariot win a race over a single horse?

What a stupid question...those six horses would of course beat a single horse if they were of equal strength, but the single horse would beat the 6 horse chariot if it was very strong and the 6 horses were fat and ugly like you.

How many pet horses does Miley Cyrus have?

in the moovie <Hannah Montana> miley has a horses called bleujeans BUT HER HORSE IS REAL NAME IS ROAM-MAN SO SHE SORTAVE HAS 2 HORSES BUT HER REAL HORSES IS ROAM-MAN SO 2 HORSES SHE HAS.

What was the name of Benito Mussolini's special horse?

The name of his horse was never mentioned. He may not have named any of his horses, or he just never said. .Mussolinis favourite horses were white .He was presented with one of six pure white arabian horses by the Iman of the Yemin which is only mentioned as the white horse .Mussokini also had another much larger white horse which he often used on his parades .It was a white irish Hunter and much larger than his arabian whose name was ROMA the latin name for rome

When was Six White Horses created?

Six White Horses was created in 1969-10.

How can you get more than 5 horses on Horseisle without subby because someone did and i want to know how?

A very very good way i use is...SITUATION: you have 5 horses but would dearly like to buy one more..(make sure you do this in 5 minutes)ANSWER: go to Earton auctions..and put one of your horses at a VERY RIDICULOUSLY high price (so noone buys your horse). This means that you only have four horses in your inventory. Then you RUN to the person you want to buy the horse from and you quickly purchase your horse. Then you have 5 horses..when the auction finishes..ur horse which you auctioned should be back into your "horses" tab..AND have six horses.NOTE: You can only quickly buy those 2 horses in five minutes..once the auction is cant do it anymoreif you dont get this..please email me at: fuzzy_filly@hotmail.comAnneighBrown, came from Bay xD

External is up to six times faster than USB or FireWire?

Esata is up to six times faster pg. 317 a+ guide to managing and maintaining

Does a 6 cylinder mean you have a faster car?

No a six cylinder does not in anyway mean that you have a faster car. How fast a car is has far too many variables to state that the number of cylinder would be the determining factor. the only way that six cylinders might possibly mean a faster car would be if the motor were by the same manufacturer in the same year and model automobile. Such as if six cylinder were an option as opposed to a four cylinder in say a 2001 ford mustang. Off the line production model would yes be a faster car than the four cylinder, but not faster than the eight cylinder. However after market modifications to the motor could cause a four cylinder to be faster than the six cylinder or the six to be faster than the eight. The most influential factors in determining a faster car would be the horsepower to weight and gear ratios.