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Not necessarily... Its just a saying.

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Some people say a change in the weather.

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Q: If a dog pull his feet up high while walking a change in the weather is coming?
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What is a sign that the weather may change for the worse while boating?

Temperature dropping is a sign of weather change .

How do you change the weather on madden NFL 2009 wii?

while selecting the stadium

Is this true or false the butterfly effect refers to the fact that a small change in the weather today can mean a larger change in the weather a week later?

True it refers to that, while the meaning of the phrase is usually metaphorical and not limited to weather.

While Walking on road which way do you face with no sidewalk?

Against traffic so that you can see any on coming vehicles and potential problems from said vehicles.

Is walking gerund in 'while walking'?

In your "fragment", walking is a participle. Think of it this way; while (doing what?) walking, and since this word adds -ing to the end of the verb "walk", it is therefore a participle.

What period was difficult for early man to survive because he was totally dependent on the environment?

was it a change of weather, while traveling/migraiting

What should you do while walking beind a horse?

If the horse does not see you coming or thinks you are a different animals they will kick. Always be sure to stand well out of kicking range, and let the horse know - verbally - that you are coming. i.e. "Hi Sparky!" Mfire

When it is safe to change lanes while driving?

It is safe to change lanes when you look back and make sure no one is coming. Make sure you put your blinker on.

Can walking reduce your hip size?

by moving side to side while walking

Does energy changes while walking?

Energy changes while walking occur due to the center of mass. The effect of gravity changes has been studied during walking on a platform.

What is the difference of nature walking and treadmill walking?

treadmill walking is at a steady incline, while nature-walking (or hiking) is at varying inclinations and terrain.

Is it OK to be out of breath while walking?