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It is usually the chicks that do hatch that deal with this problem, they will push the egg out of the nest.

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If an egg does not hatch then you wait a little longer and if it still did not hatch through it away and get another one or you can keep it even longer till you give up.

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Q: If an egg doesn't hatch what does a chicken do with it?
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Quail egg or chicken egg will hatch faster in an incubator?

The chicken egg will likely hatch first. Quail eggs hatch in 21 to 23 days. Chicken eggs hatch in 21.

What can a chicken egg do?


Will a chicken egg hatch even after it has processed?

No because they take the egg away from the chicken before it can be in the proper conditions to hatch.

What is a special equipment used to hatch a chicken egg?

Incubators can be used to hatch chicken eggs.

Which came firsrt the chicken or the egg?

The Chicken!!!! If it was the Egg who sat on the Egg for it to hatch?? Nobody so... God made the Chicken FIRST!

How long does it takes a chicken to hatch?

It tacks around about 21 days for a chicken to hatch

Can you eat a egg hatch chicken?


Why do you have to do candeling with chickens to hatch?

Candling means to hold the egg up to a light and see if there is a chicken in the egg and what stage the chicken is in its growing process. It isn't essential for the chicken to hatch, you can just do it if you want to make sure there is a chicken in the egg.

Why doesnt the ender dragon egg hatch in minecraft?

It does not hatch, it is just for decoration.

When does a chicken hatch?

After twenty-one days after the hen has laid the egg that the roster has fertilized the egg will hatch.

How do you know when a chicken will hatch?

If it is out in the wild,if the egg is hatching,the egg will be moving and it will have cracks in it.

What does it mean when a chicken moves eggs from other eggs she is sitting on?

it means that it probably has too many eggs. it wont hatch or bacause it doesnt like that egg