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Leiningen is very determined and has a great deal of physical and mental strength. He is also very stoic and has an air of invincibility.

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Q: In leiningen versus the ants What qualities made him dangerous to others?
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To what extent is Leiningen from Leiningen Versus the Ants a powerful person?

he is powerful because he is afraid of ants and things and stuff

Internal and external conflicts of leiningen versus the ants?

The external conflict would be that Leiningen chooses to stay and fight off the ants.

What country provides the setting for leiningen versus the ants?

In the Brazilian wilderness.

When was Leiningen Versus the Ants created?

This occurs after the ants began marching towards Leiningen's plantation. Once they do, he begins coming up with various defense methods. He builds a water- filled ditches as well as concrete ditches that have gasoline flowing from them.

What the climax for leiningen versus the ants?

The antagonists in the short story "Leiningen versus the Ants" by Carl Stephenson are the ants. The large army of ants are on a path to destroy Leiningen's crops and he is determined to fight them back, even though he has seen that they can eat an animal alive and could kill him if he fails.

What makes the ants so recovery so frightening leiningen versus the ants?

Ants recover in Leiningen verses the ants by picking the flesh from the stag.

What threat do the ants pose to Leiningen in Leiningen Versus the Ants?

The ants pose the ultimate threat to Leiningen. They threaten to not only destroy his entire plantation of coffee beans but also cause his death and the death of all his workers.

What is the theme of leningen versus the ants?

i think the theme of leiningen versus the ants is that the author wants the man to stop making to kill the ants.

What precedes the ants in Leiningen versus the ants?

Leiningen versus the Ants is a book by Carl Stephenson. It is about a man who owns a plantation that is plagued by ants. It is the story of the battle between the force of will and a force of nature.

Where can you get answers to the short story to Leiningen Versus the Ants?

Right here on Wikianswers would be a good place.

What literary device does Carl Stepienson use in the story Leiningen versus the ants?

He uses an allusion to allude to SHakespeare's Macbeth

What is the resolution in 'Leiningen Versus Ants'?

Leiningen tries different things to rid his home of the ants. First he tries building a canal to protect his plantation however this does not work. He then starts a fire and this gets rid of the ants but it burns his home in the process.