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well a African elephant is bigger and have larger tusk than an indian elephant so yes it is

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Q: Is African elephant is stronger than Indian elephant?
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How is the African elephant different from the Indian elephant?

Indian elephant is not as big as African elephant. Indian elephant has smaller teeth than African elephant.

How is an African elephant and Indian elephant different?

The Indian elephant has two humps on the head and the African elephant has one. The African elephant is a lot larger than the Indian elephant

What is the difference between Indian elephant and African elephant?

An Indian elephant has smaller ears than an African elephant.

Is an African elephant heavier than an Indian elephant?

Yes they are, An average African elephant can reach 15400 pounds and an Indian elephant can reach 11000 pounds.

Are African elephant stronger than lions?

no lions will kill the elephant unless there is 2 lions

Does an African elephant have bigger ears than an Indian elephant?

Yes, and African elephant has bigger ears. An adaptation for heat dissipation.

Are African elephants larger than Indian elephant?

Yes, African Elephants are generally larger than Indian Elephants.

How do you tell an African Elephant from a regular elephant?

There are three species of elephant, the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant and the Asian elephant . The biggest noticeable difference is that African elephants have much bigger ears than there Indian counterparts.

What is stronger than an elephant?

Nothing's stronger than an elephant.

What features of the African elephant are larger than those of an ndian elephant?

The ears because they are larger than the Indian elephants ears

Is an African elephant bigger than an Asian elephant?

The African bush elephant is bigger than an Asian elephant.

What animal is stronger than a lion?

Some are: few animals are stronger than a lion with the exception of the African elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros and cape buffalo

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