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you can get a Kangal which could weight 100 to 165 pounds train them to pull weight and still will not get the strength that a 60 pound Pit bull will pull. definitely no.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-19 21:47:25
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Q: Is a kangal stronger than a pitbull?
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Which dog is the stronger kurdish kangal or pitbull?

a pitbull has the power to pull thins but the kangalcan pulled a 5tons by its mounts. so i say that a kurdish kangal is the stronger dogs then pitbulls. if u dont believe me its on youtube.

Which dog is stronger a pitbull or a kangal?

Kangal, all mastiffs (including my boerboel), and Caucasian ovcharca out skill pittbull for joke. Pittbull is just overrated. It's bloody and dangerous cuz of temperature but there are few breeds way too more stronger

Who is stronger a kurdish kangal or a caucasian shepherd?

A Kurdish kangal is stronger than a Caucasian shepherd.

Which is stronger kangal or a great dane?

A Kangal is stronger the Great Dane......

Are pitbull terriers the strongest dogs?

No, the strongest dog breed is the Kangal. The pitbull is no where near the Kangal it is the 7th strongest breed

Is kangal bigger than alabai?

bigger in height? length?weight? kangal is taller and longer than alabai, but alabai is heavier and stronger. but kangal is smarter than alabai.

Is German shepherd stronger than pitbull?

GS is stronger than pitbull

Which dog is stronger pitbull or k9?

pitbull is stronger than k9

What will in kangal or pitbull?

A Kangal would win a fight against a Pitbull. they are the strongest and bravest dog breed . it has the strongest bite force The current record holder, however, is the Turkish kangal. It has been recorded as having a bite equal to 714 lbs! This is stronger than a wolf and a bulldog (or pitbull) put together, and is a result of its wide jaw and heavybuild. There is a report that a Kangal killed a lion , In turkey Kangals kill wolves every day , to protect the herd (sheeps,cows...) lions are surprised and scared of how brave the kangals are check out this video I found , linked below.

Who is stronger a pitbull or a germen shepherd?

pound by pound the pitbull is stronger and even stronger than bigger dogs.

Strongest dog in the world?

turkish kangal pitbull mix

Is a rottweiler bite stronger than a pitbull's?

No. A pitbull has a stronger jaw and more aggression in killing/fighting.

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