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a sound is information and data because information is used upon any material, and sound can be data because you need data to find out information so it is both.

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Q: Is a sound data or information?
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What type of information can be retrieved?

The information can be text, sound, images, or data.

How does a sound card function?

The sound card functions by converting digital data into analog information. It also converts analog data into digital data. The digital signal processor inside of the sound card is responsible for this.

Is it true or false that data can be a number a word a picture or a sound?

Yes. Data can be any form of information.

Why are speakers output devices?

Output devices are devices that present data coming from the computer. Speakers do this by taking information that is sent to it via the sound card and outputting that information via sound.

What is the output of an information system?

The received data are processed by information system and it is required to inform the results of the data processing. The aim of the information system is the collected data are shared and used by the end user to gather the knowledge. There are several types of the data report to the user. They are graphs, reports, sound, video etc.

What is a collection of unorganized facts?


What type of technology merges computing with high speed communications links carrying data sound and video?


The technology that merges computing with high-speed communications links carrying data sound and video is?

information technology

Diffrence between data and information?

Data is information.

When does information become data?

when it had been processed.A processed data is what is called information.

An audio file provides?

a place to store sound data

Does a transaction processing information produce information or data?

is data different from information?

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