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it would be better one salt. it would be better one salt.

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Q: Is cat litter better to use on ice than salt?
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What are the main advantages of Fresh Step cat litter?

Fresh Step cat litter is designed to absorb odor and wetness better than any other cat litter. It takes wetness away from the cat so that changing of the litter can be done less frequently.

Does a queen cat need a litter tray?

there is no such thing as a QUEEN CAT! but for better grooming of your cat, a litter tray is recommended.

Which are the best cat litter boxes?

If you have only one cat, the Litter Maid is an excellent solution as it will automatically scoop your cat's litter for you and sift it into a receptacle. If you have more than one, the Litter Maid has trouble keeping up and traditional cat boxes may be a better solution. There are also ways to train your cat to use the toilet but it requires much patience and a willing cat.

What melts ice faster salt cat litter or sand?

Rock Salt try it the salt will go straight down

Who makes generation earth cat litter?

Generation Earth is the name of the company that makes this cat litter. This cat litter is a scoopable cat litter.

What melts ice the fastest sand mineral rock salt or cat litter?

Mineral salt lowers the freezing point of water, so it will melt.

Does cat litter melt ice?

Cat litter is a form of fullers earth and contains magnesium oxide which is hygroscopic. This reacts with the ice to extract water and the absorption reduces the amount of ice in contact with the litter. Thus like salt it is a chemical rection.

Are cats better house trained than dogs?

no they are the same accept one goes in a cat litter tray and one goes out side

Can cat litter be used in mulch for shrubbery?

The PH level of used cat litter is so high that it will probably burn the roots of whatever you put it on. Take it to the dump or even better get rid of the cat.

Need info on what melts ice faster sand rock salt or kitty litter?

Rock salt will melt ice fastest. Sand and cat litter don't really melt the ice. They are used generally to provide particles for increasing traction on icy surfaces. Sand might prevent new ice from forming on roads. When salt dissolves into liquid water, it depresses the melting point temperature - - when helps the ice melt easier. Sand and cat litter don't dissolve into water, so they cannot have this effect. The only thing that sand and cat litter can do is absorb radiant energy from the surroundings better than ice since they are somewhat darker and less reflective - so they provide some minor assistance to melting the snow, but nowhere near the effect of salt.

What is the purpose of a cat litter mat?

A cat mat is used to keep the cat litter box area clean. A cat mat is placed under the litter box so that if any litter gets out of the litter box, it goes on the cat mat instead of the floor.

How many litter boxes should my cat have?

Your cat should have 2 litter boxes. one on the main floor and on in the basement. That's only if you live in a private house. If you live in an amartment than one litter box if more than enough.