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Fresh catnip is safe for rabbits. It isn't poisonous, anyway. Some rabbits like it, some do not. As with all new foods and rabbits, when giving catnip to a rabbit for the first time, offer only a bite or two; gradually work up to a handful over time (at least a week). Keep an eye on your rabbit's health and wellbeing.

Only give fresh herbs to rabbits, not dried. Dried herbs are concentrated and the strong flavours can be overwhelming to a small rabbit. Generally speaking, avoid overwhelming or stressing out your bunny! Bunnies can react badly to shocking or stressful experiences -- they can get sick suddenly, or overtime they can turn into nervous pets.

It's best not to give cat and dog toys to rabbits. Rabbits can hurt themselves or become sick by playing with cat or dog toys (particularly by eating parts of them -- rabbits like to chew but they have sensitive bellies and can't eat just anything).

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Q: Is catnip safe for rabbits
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Can rabbits eat catnip?

Catnip is safe for rabbits to eat, although it's common for rabbits to avoid and dislike it. But, if your rabbit likes fresh catnip, there's nothing wrong with letting her eat it! However, most people recommend not giving your rabbit catnip cat toys because, as a general rule, dried herbs and spices should be avoided because they're so potent.

Are fresh catnip leaves safe for your cat?

Yes, they are. Fresh or dried, catnip is safe for your cat.

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try this happyfriendy com/collections/cat-toys/products/cat-nutrition-gel-candy-toy

What is a kiddie catnip?

it is a cats favorite nip and it is safe to eat

Is tilapia with catnip seasoning safe for wild cats to eat?


What types of catnip is their?

There are over 250 types of catnip. The most common are: - common catnip - camphor catnip - greek catnip - lemon catnip - catmint. Learn more about these types of catnip here:

Are rabbits engdangered or safe?

Rabbits are not endangered, but if everything happening now with them continues, they will be. :'(

Can rabbits eat grapes with seeds?

There is an extensive list of "possible safe plants" on, in the Raising Rabbits for Profit group, in the DRAFT Safe Plant List for Rabbits article.

Is cat litter wood pellets safe for your rabbit?

Yes it is safe for Rabbits as wood does no harm to Rabbits unless your Rabbit is ilergic to it

What is the main ingredient in catnip toys?

The main ingredient of catnip is a perennial herb which is a member of the mint family. There are different types of catnip: Greek catnip, Lemon catnip and others.

Can rabbits eat passion fruit leaves?

There is an extensive list of "possible safe plants" on, in the Raising Rabbits for Profit group, in the DRAFT Safe Plant List for Rabbits article.

What is the purposes of catnip seed?

Cats love the smell and taste of catnip, but catnip is also used by us, humans. We make tea from catnip. Catnip is a descendend from the mint family and the taste is very calming.

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