Is catnip safe for rabbits

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Fresh catnip is safe for rabbits. It isn't poisonous, anyway. Some rabbits like it, some do not. As with all new foods and rabbits, when giving catnip to a rabbit for the first time, offer only a bite or two; gradually work up to a handful over time (at least a week). Keep an eye on your rabbit's health and wellbeing.

Only give fresh herbs to rabbits, not dried. Dried herbs are concentrated and the strong flavours can be overwhelming to a small rabbit. Generally speaking, avoid overwhelming or stressing out your bunny! Bunnies can react badly to shocking or stressful experiences -- they can get sick suddenly, or overtime they can turn into nervous pets.

It's best not to give cat and dog toys to rabbits. Rabbits can hurt themselves or become sick by playing with cat or dog toys (particularly by eating parts of them -- rabbits like to chew but they have sensitive bellies and can't eat just anything).

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Rabbits can and do eat a variety of items, being prone to nibble on many things they come across, and may be attracted to the crunchiness or saltiness of a dog treat. However, a more accurate question would be should rabbits eat dog treats. The best answer is, probably not.

Rabbits are herbivores and their primary diet consists of grasses, leaves, and vegetables, whereas dogs are carnivores and require meat protein in order to remain healthy. Even if the dog treats have a high vegetable content, as many dog food manufactures now include corn, rice, and/or wheat, most likely they are also very high in protein. Rabbits require very little protein in their diet and are not designed to digest it, so may actually become sick if they eat too much of it.

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It is not advisable to give dog and cat treats to rabbits. As dogs and cats are carnivorous, such treats can be made with meat products, and these should not be given to strictly herbivorous animals such as rabbits.

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Q: Is catnip safe for rabbits
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