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No it is not to young. My shih-tzu came into heat at 6 months and she got pregnant by accident but when the puppies arrived she knew exactly wut to do and took great care of them

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Q: Is eighteen months old too young for a dog to have pups?
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What is young of dog called?

Young dogs are called pups or puppies.

What is the name of dog young ones?

Pups or Puppies:)

How do you tell if a male dog has penetrated my female dog?

You will have pups in a few months.

Can pups eat dog food at 7 months?

Of course they can eat dog food at 7 months. My dog ate dog food when she is only 4 months old. But please choose the food specially made for pups so they can get the suffiecient amount of nutrients.

How old does a dog need to be to have pups?

A female: 1 year and 6 months. A male: 9 months.

What is the record of 1 yorkie dog how many pups?

what is the record for a yorkie dog to have pups we have 8 lovely ones which seem a lot from one small dog and so young she is fantastic with them feeding them all as well

In Nintendogs how can you get little puppies?

go to the kennel and buy a dog that says its a young dog. anyway, the dogs are always pups.

How young can a dog have pups?

between the ages of 6 to 12 months for both males and females, although this can be delayed until up to two years of age for some large breeds.

Someone answer you when dogs next cycle is after pups 2 months ago?

the dog will just have finishined weening of pups but cant have them straight away as it it is to much strain on the dog and you should wait at least 10 months for the dog to get used to everything again. maybe a little longer as a dog is only pregnant for a short time

What to do after your dog has pups?

leave your dog to look after the pups, if your dog leaves the pups and won't take any notice of them then you have to hand feed them with a syringe

How long is dog pregnancy?

a female will carry her pups for about 60 days, 3-4 months at the most.

Is a father dog friendly to his pups?

Usually a father dog does not know his pups

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