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um well no. it should be ok. i have a 6month old girl and a 4year old boy guinea pig and we are going to mate them. yes it's ok. make sure the female is under 10mnths old if youre mating her for the first time as the first litter has to be before then or there will be big difficultys at birth where her birth canel has developed and the babies will get stuck which will result in there death and maybe the mothers. girls fight together so prob not good idea!!

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โˆ™ 2008-09-19 18:31:39
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Q: Is it a bad idea to put another female guinea pig with two sisters and their mom?
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Would a 4 months old male guinea pig that you have owned for a month fight with another male guinea pig if you bought one?

Well actually yes, they might fight. Males guinea pig's in general tend to fight with another therefor, it is a better idea to have two females or a male and a female together. But some males can get along, but usually males tend to fight.

Can you buy another guinea pig then add a new one at age 1?

There is usually no problem with adding a new guinea pig even if you already have one. The best combination is to have a female, then introduce a new female. It isn't a good idea to introduce a new guinea pig if you have a male, unless you bring in a female because you want them to breed. If you must add a new male, try wshing it first to remove all old traces of its previous companions, as male guinea pigs are a lot more territorial than females.

What is the best companion for a guenia pig?

Another guinea pig of the same gender. Guinea pigs are social creatures that get lonley if kept on their own. Most people choose to keep female guinea pigs in groups as you can have problems with boars (male guinea pigs) fighting. You can of course keep two or more guinea pigs of the opposite gender but unless you want baby piggies it's not a good idea. Hope it helped.

Is it ok to have 1 guinea pig?

Guinea Pigs are social animals and ideally, need another Guinea Pig living with them. It is possible to only have one, but if you want your Guinea Pig to be happy, having two would be a better idea.

How much should a female guinea pig weigh?

A well fed female guinea pig should weigh between 700-900g. It can sometimes be a bit more or a bit less. It's a good idea to monitor your guinea pig's weight so if she falls ill you would be able to tell by her weight loss.

Why cant 2 boy guinea pigs be in the same cage?

They could be put into a cage together. However, if there is a female guinea pig in the cage with them, that's not a good idea. As they get older they tend to get more aggressive.

What kind of guinea pig is better male or female?

Well, it really depends, see, if you are planning on getting two guinea pig's it's not the best idea to get two males.. They tend to fight. So if you are planning on getting two guinea pig's I suggest that you get either two females or a female and a male. But, if you get a male and a female , they can have baby's but females usually only have baby's after about 4months of age. But if you are planning on getting just one guinea pig, both males and females are great!

Are male guinea pigs fiercer than female guinea pigs?

Male guinea pigs are just as friendly as female guinea pigs, but two male guinea pigs together can become extremely aggressive and fight. Two males can get along in the same cage, but the owner must make sure that they have plenty of space and follow's guidelines for introducing new guinea pigs.Guinea pigs are social animals, so keeping one alone isn't a good idea. Keeping a male and a female together will result in the female becoming impregnated. So, if you want a male pig, see if you can adopt a bonded pair (aka already gets along).

Why does a female Guinea pig bite on a males toenails?

Males do too. time for a visit for a nail trim? they bite them when they want their toes trimmed but i do have no idea about biting other guinea pigs they might be fighting or its a way of having a baby.

Can brother and sister guinea pigs mate?

well i think its ok for them to have sex because me and my older brother did and if humans can why not guinea pigs Yes... but is it a good idea to let them? I'm sure someone else will expand on this. guinea pigs can deffinantly mate with their brothers and sisters. it is a good idear to let them because when guinea pigs find their mating partner the male might kill the female of the babies but whenh they are brother and sister they have grown up together and are used to each others company!

Who are your ann sisters in history?

i got no idea what ann sisters even me lol :)

How do you breed your guinea pigs?

just put a girl and boy guinea pig together in a cage alone and wait tell the female gets very big and has them then take the boy out asap

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