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better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a pig satisfied

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Q: Is it better to be a happy pig or dissatisfied socrates?
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Happy as a pig in mud?

The phrase, "Happy as a pig in mud," is used to describe a person who is extremely happy. It means someone is enjoying themselves.

Is pig skin leather better than cowhide?

pig is better

What is a guinea pig popcorning mean?

It means the guinea pig feels happy.

What does happy birthday mean in pig latin?

it means, " I have something for you" in Pig Latin

What is the cliche phrase Happy as a?

happy as a lark happy as a clam happy as a pig in mud happy as a kid in a candy store happy as a fly in honey

Which is better a guinea pig or parrot?

guinea pig

Where did the phrase 'happy as a pig in a poke' come from?

It did not come from anywhere, the phrase should be 'Happy as a pig in muck/mud'. This creates an image of a pig rooting through a muddy field looking for roots/grubs in the ground which is their natural way of feeding.

What does it mean if the guinea pig prrs?

it means he or she is happy and she likes it

Who sings new charter commercial with pig?

NeverShoutNever- Happy

Which is better a snake or guinea pig for kids?

Definitley a guinea pig

What does the idiom happy as a pig in mud mean?

This isn't an idiom because you can figure out what it means without someone telling you. When you see "AS ____ AS _____" you're looking at A Simile - a type of comparison. They're comparing someone's happiness to the happiness of a pig wallowing around in the mud.

Do guinea pigs like it better if theres another one?

yes, guinea pigs are social animals and live in small herds in the wild. A guinea pig must have company in order for it to be entirely happy- without another guinea pig to talk to and exchange pleasantries with, the guinea pig will become withdrawn and depressed.