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No, maybe an ingrown hair or an abscess.

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Q: Is it common for lionhead rabbits to have small lumps along their jawline at the root of the hair?
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Do hamsters and rabbits get along if they have their own cages?

Well i have a hamster and a rabbit and they get along fine! But its just about their personality

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if they are all male rabbits they are just fighting for dominance. sometimes rabbits just dont get along with each other

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Dessert rabbits along with most dessert mammals have big ears to circulate air through there bodies.

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Can you place two female rabbits in the same cage?

First answer: yes you can they get along very well, it's very unusual for them not too. A different opinion: Actually, rabbits often don't get along with each other, at least not right away. You can't just put two rabbits in a cage together and expect them to get along. Before you keep two rabbits together, you have to "bond" them. Sometimes bonding goes very quickly, just a couple of weeks; other times, it can take months. Generally speaking, the rabbits have to be spayed before they're bonded. Two female rabbits raised together from the same litter may get along fine without being spayed; otherwise, they probably won't. Spaying also has behavioural benefits and health benefits (particularly regarding ovarian cancer, which is very common in young female rabbits). See the related questions below for more info and helpful links.

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Do hamsters and rabbits get along if they have their own cages?

Well i have a hamster and a rabbit and they get along fine! But its just about their personality

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