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Yes, guinea pigs who have not been pregnant can still have teats.

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Q: Is it possible for a guinea pig to have teats weeks before giving birth?
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Will a guinea pig bleed before giving birth?

not before giving birth, mabye during or after

Does guinea pigs bleed before giving birth?

Only a little bit. But more while she is giving birth.

When does the mother guinea pig get her milk?

Usually a few days before giving birth.

What does it mean if a guinea pig is spotting blood before giving birth?

animals usually dont spot before giving birth they might during and after, if your worried ask a vet.

Do guinea pigs move all of their bedding before giving birth?

yes so the when she gives birth her babies will be warm

How can you see if your guinea pig is pregnant?

3-4 weeks before giving birth your guinea pig will put on a lot of wieght.She wil start to form a shape like a pear/bell.If your guinea pig is pregnant 2 weeks before giving birth you be able to feel the babies move.

What are the signs of guinea pig birth?

Signs:(before giving birth) warm belly wanting to eat more/hungry all the time larger belly Wanting personal space (when giving birth): squeaking noising

How do you know when the mother guinea pig is through giving birth?

You can identify when their pelvic area get separated before a week from her pregnancy.

How do Guinea pigs behave before giving birth?

Well, They will start eating alot more and drinking and when they are about to give birth they will make this really LOUD noise!

How do you know when your guinea pig is close to giving birth?

your guinea pig will make a" grunt" noise you've never heard before then she's telling you their coming out now! hope this helped!

Do you need to be there when a guinea pig is giving birth?

Well, If you want you can be there to watch but the guinea pig does not need you and in fact DO NOT touch her or the babies, and try not to touch her when she is giving birth nor the babies until the next week.

Is it possible for black guinea pig to give birth to a white guinea pig?

Yes it is very possible depending on who its mate is.

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