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Well, supposedly not but, I myself have very long fingers and accomplished the task.

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No it is not possible .

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Q: Is it possible to break an egg without your thumb?
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How do you crack an egg without your thumb?

Throw it on the ground

Is it possible to break a chicken egg by only squeezing it?

no because if you did squeeze it you would break it

How do you drop a egg without making it break?

By making something soft enough so the egg dosen't break on impact.

Is it possible for a turtle to be born without an egg?


Why egg did not break on concrete floor?

the foes is all over the egg like wen u put your back on a bead of nails

How do you break the egg shell without breaking the fresh egg inside?

apply vinegar on the egg.then keep it for a few days.and that is how

How can you build a model car to support a egg without breaking it?

Make the car out of a frame of popsicle sticks and the egg will not break.

Why the hen's egg does not break when elephant stamps on it?

If an elephant stomps on a hen's egg, the egg will break. The elephant weighs to much not to break the egg.

How might one break an egg with one hand?

One can break an egg with one hand by carefully holding it and then firmly tapping it on the side of the bowl. When the shell cracks then the fingers and thumb pull the shell apart so that the white and yolk fall down the middle gap into the bowl.

Is it possible to hatch a bad egg in Pokemon SoulSilver?

not without a glitch or hacking

How do you drop a raw egg onto contreat without breaking it?

Any way you want. Its pretty hard to break concrete with a raw egg.

Is it possible to get a new starter on Pokemon platinum without restarting the game such as obtaining an egg?

Mate your starter with a MEWTWO and you will have an egg soon.