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Q: Is metamorphis an evolutionary innovation associated with reptiles?
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What evolutionary innovation is associated with reptiles?

An evolutionary innovation associated with amphibians is their heart, which can exchange gases outside of a water environment. This allows the amphibians to live on land.

What evolutionary advancement differentiates reptiles from the amphibians?

Amphibians are older and reptiles are more developed.

What kind of vertebrate was the likely evolutionary precursor to mammals?


Why is cerebral cortex also known as new brain?

Evolutionary biologists believe that reptiles existed before mammals, and that mammals evolved from reptiles. Reptiles do not have a cerebral cortex in their brains, but mammals do, therefore, in evolutionary terms, the cerebral cortex is new.

What is an evolutionary change in reptiles?

Mainly size is what changed from prehistoric times to today.

Are dinosaurs more closely related to amphibians than reptiles?

Dinosaurs are more closely related to reptiles than to amphibians. In fact, dinosaurs are classified as reptiles. Amphibians are lower on the evolutionary tree than reptiles. Reptiles developed from amphibians. Amphibians developed from fish.

Why is it hard to classify archaeopteryx?

Because it has evolutionary features of both non-avian reptiles and birds.

Why do polar bears have toes?

All carnivores have toes; it is an evolutionary trait inherited from reptiles in prehistoric times.

What was the most significant evolutionary change that allowed reptiles to colonize all the land was the evolution of?

Amniote egg

What was the evolutionary advantage of the modification of scales on reptiles to feathers on ancestral birds?

The feathers helped retain body heat.

What group of vertebrates is mostly closely related to birds?

From evolutionary point of view birds are most closely related to reptiles , but apparently they resemble mammals .

Why are birds closer to reptiles than to mammals?

It has to do with the evolutionary tree. Shortly after the first reptiles appeared they split into synapsids and sauropsids. Mammals eventually branched off from the synapsid reptiles. After synapsid reptiles went extinct, mammals were left as the only synapsids. Meanwhile the sauropsids diversified into a number of different groups including dinosaurs and the ancestors of all modern reptiles. Later on birds emerged as a branch of the dinosaurs. In summary: mammals are synapsids while birds and modern reptiles are sauropsids.