Is spider the only arachnid

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is spider the only arachnid
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What is something special about a spider?

The spider is the only arachnid waith 8 legs

Is a spider an insect are an arachnid?


Is a camel spider technically a spider?

An Arachnid is an arthropod with eight or more legs, making the Solifugae (AKA camel spider) an arachnid, but not a "true" spider. Anything in the Arachnid family is considered a spider.

What is the classification of the spider - arachnid?

yes, arachnid

How do you use arachnid in a sentence?

a spider is an arachnid.

Is a tarantula a spider?

No. They are close relatives though

Is a spider a innsect?

No, a spider is an arachnid, not an insect. An arachnid has 8 legs, while an insect has 6.

Is a pit bull an arachnid?

No. arachnid is another word for spider.

What is the meaning the origin of the word arachnid?

arachnid means spider so therefore its a spider and it orginated from Greece

What is a arhcined?

arachnid? its a spider

Is a spider an invertibrate?

no its an Arachnid

What is the classafaction of a spider?