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Is there a human equivelant to Clavaloc antibiotic that you can give a dog?

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Q: Is there a human equivelant to Clavalox antibiotic that you can give a dog?
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Can you crush an antibiotic for a cat?

no!, never give an animal human meds, if you suspect that your cat has an infection, please take it to a vet.

Do they have injection of antibiotic you can give to your dog instead of pill form?

It depends on the antibiotic. There are many.

What to give a calf with umbilical infection?

A broad spectrum antibiotic like la-200 or biomycin. These are injectables. You could also give the calf an antibiotic bolus instead of the injectable antibiotic. Also spray the navel with gentle iodine.

If on antibiotic and puffer is bronchitis contagious?

Well, bronchitis can be a virus or a bacteria. If you have a viral version, your antibiotic will not work. So I would give yourself a couple days off of school/work to give both the puffer and the antibiotic a chance to work.

When can you give antibiotic?

Please define give Do u mean What reason of Time of day

What antibiotic do you give a cat with goop eyes?

See your vet.

Can Dogs take biaxin antibiotic?

just wondering if it would be ok to give my dog the antibiotic KLACID. He seems to be coughing a lot

Can you give cats levaquin?

Levaquin is an antibiotic that some veterinarians prescribe for canine infections. However, you should not dose a dog on your own. The amount a dog needs is different than what a human needs. It varies greatly from dog to dog. The weight, breed, and type of infection can all be variables. If you give your dog too much, it can make him very ill. If you give him too little, you can actually make the infection much worse. If you feel your dog is that ill, it definitely needs to go to a vet.

How many cc antibiotic do you give 1000 lb horse?


What kind of antibiotics are used for skin infection?

Most likely the doctor will prescribe both an oral antibiotic and a topical antibiotic. Usually the topical antibiotic prescribed is called Bactroban. This is just an ointment that is applied to the affected area. They will also give you an antibiotic to be taken by mouth. The doctor will choose which antibiotic to give you depending on the severity of the infection, as well as depending on any allergies you may have to certain medications. Hope this helps!

Can you use tetracycline for human on goat?

No, you should not give human medications to animals. While tetracycline is an antibiotic that is used to treat bacterial infections in both humans and goats, the formulations are very different and the dosages are very different. If you suspect your goat has a bacterial infection, you should have a vet come out and examine it. Tetracycline is not very expensive anymore as it is a generic antibiotic, so the largest expense will be to pay for the farm call.

Why would a doctor give you sulfamethoxazole?

Suflamethoxazole is an antibiotic used to treat infections.