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thay live in the deep were ther is no light so thay use the light to achacted pray

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It attracts other fish, like bait, and when they come to investigate, the angler gives them a chomp.

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Because the live so deep that very little light gets through to them.

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anler fish have lights so see i the dark and also make their prey think it is a glowing fish!

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Q: Is there a reason why angler fish have a light on their head?
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Where do you find glow in the dark fish?

An angler fish has a lure on its head that glows. There are more, but what they are called, I know now!

What are facts about angler fish?

well they have huge teeth and a light on the top of there head that attracts its prey.They can eat there prey in 0.09 seconds [less than a second.] they live almost in almost every ocean in the midnight zone [bottom.]

How does an angler fish eat?

The Angler fish has many adaptations, one of which involves the way it catches its prey. It has a long stalk protruding from its head, with a lure on the end of it. Some lures simply resemble a worm, where as others glow to attract prey (this is caused by a type of bacteria within the lure). When the small fish has made contact with the lure, it triggers the Anglers jaws to open in a split second and draw in water, thus sucking in the small fish. Another addaptation of the Angler (not shared by all types), involves its mating ritual. The male angler, much is much smaller than the female (males growing up to two inchess and females one metre) has a sensory organ just above his mouth, which he uses to detect a female. As finding a mate is very hard for the Angler fish m, when he has found a mate he latches onto her and they become connected for life. The female provides the male with blood circulation and nutrition, in return for a constant supply of sperm. One other adaptation involves the immense pressure of the deep sea, as at such pressures it is harder for fish to regulate the amount of gas in their swim bladder (a gas filled organ that allows the fish to maintaine buoyancy. This is why the Angler has lost the swim bladder all together and instead has a skeleton made of cartilage which is much lighter and allows the Angler to maintain buoyancy. I hope this has been helpful to you :)

Is the fish can be blind?

Sharks aren't born blind.But any seeing species can suffer damage to the eyes, optic nerves or part of the brain that deals with vision. And any of these can cause blindness.In particular the Greenland Shark often picks up a parasitic shrimp which attaches itself to the shark's Eyes and eventually blinds the Shark.

What is steelhead fish?

A fish with a steel head

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What fish has a light on his head?

There isn't really a name but fish like Angler Fish, Viperfish, etc. have light on its head

What type of fish does the angler fish eat?

Almost anything that is attracted to the light on its head.

What is the name of the fish that has light in its head naturally?

is a species of angler fish.

How does the angler fish catch their food?

With their eyes. no with the light on the top of it's head.

Which animal lives deep in the ocean?

The angler fish lives here (the fish with the light in its head like the one in finding nemo):)

Why do angler fish have a light on there head?

yes and they light up to attract other fish then eat them!

What is the name of a fish which has flashing light above its head?

Does it look like this? if so then its an angler fish.

What sea creatures live in the trench zone?

Dragon Fish, octopus, angler fish, and jellyfish.

Does head light fish have light on its head?

i don't know any fish that do that but i think there's one made of gold

What are the senses of the angler fish?

Its touch senses are mostly on its head.

Why is the angler-fish threatened by humans?

The Angler fish has a fleshy growth protrudes from its head and ends near its mouth. This looks like a worm on a hook and fish seeing this thinks that there is food available and moves in to take it. When they do the Angler fish strikes

What is a anglerfish?

If you have seen finding nemo then you have seen an angler fish. It is the fish that lives in super deep water and uses a natural light conected to its body to atract other fish. A live one has never been brought to the surface since their body explodes when the pressure is removed.