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yes, there is. i have one and it is sooo cute.they are black and white but they are not very furry. they only have about a centimeter of fur but that is not a bad thing and is normal for most hamsters.panda hamsters are very quiet during the day,as all hamsters are, but they are alot more active at night than other hamsters are but i don't know why.Panda hamsters are very nice and are very good with kids but not with bigger not have the household temperature below 45 degrees or they will go into hibernation.if they go into hibernation then feed them warm milk from a medicine dropper and keep them warm.htat might seem like alot to handle but its not,panda hamsters are actually very fun to have andyou should get one!

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Yes there are. Chinese hamsters are very very small and fast. They are best for adults.

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Q: Is there such thing as a panda hamster?
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panda hamsters are black and white and normal hamsters are brown and white.

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hi iv never heard of a panda bear hamster. but i had a teddy bear hamster and she never bit me as long as you dont wake it up then touch it or have food smell on your hands!!! so wash your hands before and after touching any hamster! i hope i helped!

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