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I was bitten today by a small black insect with yellow stripes, I think it was a spider but I am not too sure.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-18 10:39:46
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Q: Is there such thing as a small black spider with yellow stripes?
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What is a small crawling insect with a black body and yellow vertical stripes on back?

grass spider

What is the name of a small fluorescent green spider with black stripes on the back and an orange dot on its body?

a very cute spider

What wasp is very small and has a yellow abdomen with delicate black stripes?


Small spider like bug black with white stripes?

it ispoisonous we think check it out on biology

What is a small orange spider with yellow and black back and white and black legs?


I have a small black fury spider that has i think 3 yellow dots on its back and it has yellow fangs what type of spider is it?

The type of spider you want to stay away from.

What is Small black bug with yellow stripe found in kitchen drawers?

A small black bug with yellow stripes that is found in kitchen drawers can be either a beetle or a bug called "yellow jacket".

What kind of spider is small and yellow with a black dot on its back?

its probably a mite!

What do salamanders eat that are black with yellow stripes?

They eat crickets and small spiders.Also,they eat small bugs but not ants.

What kind of spider is small and reddish-brown with a black lower body that has 2 white stripes?

its probably a brown recluse

What kind of spider is small and black with a yellow dot on its back?

The Black Widow Spider has either a yellow, red, or orange hourglass, but sometimes can look like a dot. Links:

What kind of house spider is small and black and has a yellow dot on it?

I dont know go to google

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