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Heart: circulates blood

Lungs: gas exchange

Stomach: storage and begin digestion

Spleen: storage of RBC, production of lymphocytes

kidney: filtration of nitrogenous waste from blood

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Q: List 5 organs that the frog and pig have in common and the function of these organs?
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What is the function of belly of a frog?

To hold the organs inside

What is the function of a bone in a frog?

the skeletal system in any organism provides protection for the organs and allows movement

Visceral organs of a frog?

Visceral organs of a frog should not be eaten raw.

What 5 organs frog and pigs have in common?

Five organs that frogs and pigs have in common include the liver, heart, stomach, kidneys, and spleen. In addition, they both have a gall bladder.

Which organs does a frog breath through?

the respiratory organs of frog are skin , lungs and gills.

What is the function of the circulatory system in a frog?

it allows blood circulationstudy hardsame as yours; to carry oxygenated blood to the vital organs.

What is the Frog connective tissue for organs?

Epithelium is the connective tissue in a frog that lines the organs. It covers the internal organs and forms a protective barrier.

What is the function of a frog's leg?

the function of a frog is to help it jump around

What is the function of the mesentary in a frog?

The function of the mesentary in an organism is to retain the small intestine and the large intestine. In other words, its function is to hold the organs in place so that they can't maintain their shape and position. Hopefully this helped

What is the function of the peritoneum in a frog?

The peritoneum lines body cavities' inner walls. It covers and protects the hollow organs, which are more fragile than is a thin layer that helps the frog's skin be protected

What is the function of the common femoral artery in a frog?

A red lining that carries blood through the frogs body

What does the frog eye have in common with the cows eye?

They're both organs that allows an animal to see.