Living things reproduce

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All living things move, breath, eat, sleep and reproduce. If not, it is not a living thing.

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Q: Living things reproduce
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How do we classify living and non-living things?

Living things have the capacity to reproduce, non-living things do not reproduce. The living things use biological energy for their growth and development, non-living things do not require such energy.

What is one characterists of living things?

Living things reproduce.

What happen when gas reproduce?

Only living things reproduce, and gas isn't living

Are euglenas living things?

They feed and they reproduce these are characteristics of living things

What all living things need?

all living things need to survive and to eat <3 All living things need to respire and reproduce.

Why would you say that living things reproduce if some individual living things may not reproduce?

ALL living things reproduce. Either sexually or asexually. For instance, microscopic things such as bacteria make copies of themselves. That is still considered reproduction.

Do hyena reproduce?

yes, they do. All living things reproduce.

Do trees reproduce?

Part of the definition of a living thing is that it reproduces, so all living things reproduce.

A sentence for reproduce?

All living things reproduce. The scientists will try to reproduce the results of the test.

Why do living things reproduce?

to continue the species I believe living things reproduce to perpetuate and keep the species going as was from the beginning of time. That is the living things' needs. to ensure the continuity of their kind

Why do living things need to reproduce but not non living things?

actually non living thing do reproduce, just differently. say a plant for instance, that reproduces. anything that doesn't need to reproduce (like a twig or log) then it has evolved not to because it is either dead or doesnt need to reproduce.

Can young living things reproduce?