Name for a female cod

Updated: 4/28/2022
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angeler, sylvier, Sarah

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Q: Name for a female cod
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What is the Latin name for Atlantic cod?


How do you find the sex of male or female Murray cod?

If you kill a Murray cod, you can tell if they are male or female by cutting them open and by looking at their gonads, which are their reproductive organs. However, this is a very bad idea considering how rare Murray cod are. If you are not prepared to kill a Murray cod, you will not be able to tell if it is male or female, either by size or appearance, for most of the year. (Male and female Murray cod look the same and grow to basically the same size.) However, for several months in late winter/early spring female Murray cod can be recognised because their belly region will be noticeably swollen with the large eggs they are carrying and their vent will be swollen and purple or red.

What is an Atlantic cod?

An Atlantic cod is a sea fish, the common cod, Latin name Gadus morhua.

What is the name for a baby cod fish?

The scientific name of cod is Gadus. Depending on what region it's from, the name will vary as following:Gadus macrocephalus (Atlantic Cod)Gadus morhua (Pacific Cod)Gadus ogac (Greenland Cod)

What is the name for the cape in southeastern Massachusetts?

Cape Cod.

What is the name of Massachusetts longest cape?

Cape Cod.

What animal type is a cod?

The Cod is a name for a number of fish species, the most common being the Atlantic Cod

What does codero mean?

codero is the Latin name for cod meaning the cod fish.

What is the name of the cod game that is after cod modern warfare 2?

CoD "Black Ops" is coming out November 9, 2010.

What is the Botanical name for Atlantic cod fish?

Botanical names are given to plants. The Atlantic cod fish is an ANIMAL so of course it does not have a botanical name. However the scientific name for the Atlantic cod is Gadus morhua.

What Is a Coral Cod?

Coral Cod is another name of the Miniatus Grouper, a type of seabass.

What is the name of a well known peninsula in southeast of Boston?

Cape Cod is the Peninsula southeast of Boston.