Name of a extinct hairy elephant?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Wooly Mammoth

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Q: Name of a extinct hairy elephant?
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How was the hairy mammoth part of the ecosystem?

the hairy mammoth, or woolly mammoth, became extinct around 1700 BC and is believed to be an ancestor to the elephant. They were herbivores creatures and served as a large food source for saber toothed cats.

What are noun and adjective meaning of mammoth?

Noun meaning : Large extinct form of elephant with a hairy coat and long curved tusks. Adjective meaning : Huge, enormous

Can you name three extinct birds?

Moa,elephant bird,and the passenger pigeon

Name the odd one with respect to elephant?

its not actually a dinosaur it is an extinct annimal that was related to the elephant its called a wooly mammoth or just the mammoth.

Is the Asia elephant extinct?

No it is not.

What did the mammoth look like?

A big, hairy elephant

Is an elephant a mammal?

No it is bald

What look like a woolly mammoth?

A hairy Elephant ;)

Is elephant exctinct?

The Asian and African elephant is not extinct but the mammoth is.

What is the name for the diverse group of mainly extinct birds including the elephant bird?

Moa's from Madagascar.

When did an elephant bird become extinct?

Elephant birds have been extinct since at least the 17th century. ---- Hey, I saw that answer on Wikipedia!

Are elephant birds extinct?

Yes. Sadly,they became extinct in the 17th century.