Name of the animals living in water?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Animals that live in the oceran are called marine animals.

Animals that live in water that's not the ocean are called freshwater/aquatic animals.

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aquatic life,marine life

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Q: Name of the animals living in water?
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Without water living things die, no matter what type of living thing they are.

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incase some are wrong will name 6 fish, crocodile, alligator, penguin, seal, walrus

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List of animals living in water :Jelly-fishToadsPlatapusSalmon (fish in general)SeahorseCrabsLobstersSquidsCatfish

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animals that do not live in water are called mammals unless if it is a dolphin or turtle. amphibian: vertebrates that live life in and out of the water

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