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A farrier also called a blacksmith or a podiatrist

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Q: Name of the person that trim the horse's hoves?
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How do you trim a horses feet?

You call the farrier.

What is the cost to trim a horses feet?


Do you trim the hair inside of a horses ear?

yes you hold the ear together and trim the hair that is hanging out.

Who put shoes on horses?

well, the one who makes the shoes is called a blacksmith. a farrier puts the shoes on the horse.

What does a farrier do besides shoeing horses?

farriers shoe horses, remove shoes, trim their feet, can tell you about some hoof diseases, etc.

How do you get my buttock trim?

wat is a trim u vil vil person

What is it called when you trim off part of the main oh horses behind their ears?

Its called a bridlepath

What is a bang tail horse?

I have never heard of this in relation to a horse. I do know the 'bang tail' was a derogatory slang name for Victorian era prostitutes in Europe. To bang a horses' tail means you trim the tail so it is straight at the bottom. You just trim the long ends away'

Why do horses need their feet trimmed what happens to wild horses?

In domestication horses need their hooves trimmed to keep them a proper shape to avoid lameness. In the wild horses 'trim' their own hooves by walking on rough ground which wears them down.

What is it called when you trim a horses mane behind its ears?

It is called a "Bridle Path" or sometimes a bridle clip

What age do you trim your horses hooves?

Trimming and filing should begin at exactly one month of age for a foal.

How do you get a horses shoe size?

you dont get it's shoe size, you get a farrier out to fit shoes onto it and trim the nail.