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very little sunlight

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Q: Plants that live in the understory of rainforest must be adapted to which condition?
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What layer does anacondas live in?

Anacondas live on the ground and also in bodies of freshwater. This is the understory of the rainforest. The understory includes the ground and all plants that do not touch the canopy.

How have animals and plants adapted to the tropical rainforest?


What plants live in the under story of the rainforest?

The understory of the rainforest is hot, humid, and the wind is almost non-existent. Mainly shrubs, baby trees, woody plants, and palms grow there.

What plants are adapted to the Amazon rainforest and how?

There are a few different plants that can adapted to the amazon. All the plants have to be able to take a lot of rain.

What plants can be found in the understory layer of the rainforest?

The understory is hot, damp, and the air is still. This part of the rainforest is under the leaves but above the ground. The understory is a tangle of shrubs, young trees, palms and woody plants that can grown in the shade of the taller trees. The small amount of light in the understory encourages the plants to think of smart ways to survive.The leaves of many of the plants are very large, so that they can absorb or soak in as much sunlight as possible. The plants in this layer of the forest hardly ever grow higher than twelve feet Many houseplants are found in this part of the rainforest (philodendrons, prayer plant, zebra plants, and peace lily, for example). These plants can live in your living room as well as the understory because both places get little sunlight.

How have plants and animals adapted to the climate of the tropical rainforest?

Becasue they have had to they have no choice.

What plants live in the understory of the rainforest?

Snakes frogs insects alligators gorilla ect.

What plants are they in the understory?


What animals live in the middle layer of the rainforest?

Understory - The Middle LayerSmaller trees, bushes, and plants such as ferns, live in the understory. Not much sunlight reaches here, because the canopy blocks the sun. Still, many birds and animals make their home in the understory. Forest wildcats, such as the leopard, are excellent tree climbers. They will chase monkeys and squirrels through the understory for food.

How have drip tips adapted to the rainforest?

Drip tips in most plants found in the tropical rainforests help rain droplets to run off quickly. This helps in shedding off the water to avoid growth of bacteria and fungus.

What is the bottom layer of the rainforest?

The amazon rain forest is made up of four different layers. The second story is called the understory. The plants in the understory have large leaves for collecting sunlight.

What are the 4 layers of the rainforest?

the layers (going down) are the emergent layer, then the canopy layer, the understory layer the the forest floor. The emergent layer - the emergents are the tallest trees so they can get sunlight. The canopy layer - the canopy is the thickest layer of the rainforest. Understory/Undercanopy - This layer has young trees, short trees and bushes. Forest floor/Shrub layer - There are few plants in this layer that have adapted to low-light.