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That's a pretty good diet... might want to give them a couple apple slices.

i actually recommend peelings of cucumber not the actual cucumber

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Q: Should my two 20 week old female guinea pigs have a different diet when they eat guinea pig pellets with added vitamin c drops a lot of timothy hay and water with a few spinach and cucumber pieces?
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How much are guinea pig pellets?

I buy the kaytee Timothy complete pellets and they are about $8 at petco.

What are the foods that are best for rabbit's?

Timothy hay, & rabbit pellets.

Can gerbils eat rabbit pellets?

First answer: Yes. It has lots of healthy stuff like timothy hey. A different answer: No, gerbils should only eat pellets specially made for gerbils. Rabbits and gerbils have a different digestive system and different dietary needs.

What do you feed pigs?

timothy hay and guinea pig pellets but there cant be any seeds in it couse they can choke Our feed pellets have pellets, corn and peanuts...they love it. not for guinee pigs.

What foods best for rabbits?

a small amount of pellets and lots of timothy hay

What can baby rabbits eat?

pellets, grass, timothy hay, carrots, and cheerios.

Can guinea pigs and rabbits eat the same timothy hay?

yes they can. But they CANT eat the same pellets

Food for chinchillas?

hay (timothy or alfalfa) my chin like timothy and mazuri chinchilla pellets. you can find them at any regular pet store that has small animal stuff.

Do rabbits eat leaves and grass?

Nope, they eat food pellets and Timothy hay, and a little veggies and fruit

What do guines pis eat?

Timothy hay, timothy based pellets, veggies, and fruits. Try looking on guinea pig cages dot com to find out more about guinea pigs.

What is a chinchillas diet?

a chinchilla should have lots of timothy hay,pellets,oatmeal oats, and a small treat every day!

Can guinea pigs eat timothy hay pellets instead of the grass hay?

no they still need the hay for extra nutrients

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