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Hamsters can't throw up, so no, not really.

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Q: Should you be scared that your hamster threw up?
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Why is your hamster so scared?

That depends how old the hamster is. If it is new it is likely to be scared. You can get it used to you by just watching it for a while. After a couple of days you can try hand feeding it. Once it is used to you you can try and pick it up and play with it. Remember to do this daily. If the hamster is not new then it may be unwell. If that is the case then you should get it checked out by the vet.

Why does my hamster keep balling up and squeaking?

It means he/she is probabbly scared of its ill......

When i picked my hamster up it poos loades?

that means that your hamster is till a little scared of you but if u give him time he will get us to it

Your hamster threw up?

Hamster's do not have the ability to actually vomit. It could just be that they are emptying their cheek pouches of the food.

What is wrong with your dog he threw up and is shaking?

he is probobly sick or scared

Why does my hamster squeak at night when it wakes up?

you should never wake a hamster up in the night because if you wake it up and it sees a hand or tapping its going to get scared and try to protect itself then abit later it relises its you its always best to let it sleep

Everytime you try and pick up your hamster he tries to bite you?

Obviously, your hamster is still scared of you. Try petting it, fedding it, anything that will make a hamster get to know you better.

Can you vacuum around your hamster?

Around the hamster -no. Not only would the hamster be scared by the noise, there is also a change of it being sucked up. Around the hamsters cage -yes.

How can you pick up a baby hamster without it getting scared?

you cupp ur hands and pick it up slowly

I got A hamster yesterday should I try to pick him up yet?

yea, at first when i had my hamster i was soo scared to hold her but then my friend tried it for me. It was soo cool. When a hamster goes into a new home you have to get her used to the enviroment. So you should definetely hold him =] hamsters are playful (sometimes) so love them and dont be afriad of them.

Do you have to pick up hamster?

You should pick up your hamster. Picking up your hamster lets it get used to you, the more you pick it up and play with it the more friendler it becomes.

What should you do if your hamster falls?

Pick it up.

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