Small animal with legs but cannot walk?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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how about a water boatman

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Q: Small animal with legs but cannot walk?
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What animal has 3 legs but cannot walk?

tape measure

What animal walk?

anything with legs

What has four legs and two arms but cannot walk?

Q:What has 6 legs can't walk but can fly? A: A dragon fly Why: because it is an insect that has 6 legs, it literally cant walk, and it can fly

What animal can walk without using its legs?

a snake

What has four good legs and yet cannot walk on the ground?

A chair, because a chair cannot walk at all!

What is the Term for an animal having extremely stragiht hind legs?

I am not sure what you mean but animal which walk on their hind legs have straight legs and they are called bipedalanimals.

Sea animal which walking backward?

no animal can walk backwards, they don't have legs!!

Why a person without legs is handicapped?

because they cannot walk

What has 50 legs but cannot walk?

A really long table.

What common four legged animal cannot walk?

Seals don't walk, they do the belly hump as their back legs are useless. Walrus ditto Sloth can climb and swim but sort of crawl when they're on the ground.

What has 4 legs and 1 back yet cannot walk?

A chair

Is the hippo the largest animal to walk on 4 legs?

Yes, the hippopotamus is the largest 4 legged animal.