Species of snakes

Updated: 8/11/2023
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There are the constrictors, which include the boa family and the python family. The venemous snakes such as cobras and rattle snakes. The non venomous snakes like garter snakes, king snakes, and the rat snake.

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Watermoccasian,puff adder,cottonmamamba,black mamba,rat snake,yellow belly sea snake cobra,king snake,green mamba,

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Q: Species of snakes
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What kind of snakes are king snakes?

I believe that they are their own species.

How many of snakes exist?

There are approximately 3,500 species of snakes.

What are species of snakes in the pond?

They're called Pond Snakes

What make a snake famous?

snakes are the only species of snakes

Why are snakes extinct?

Snakes are not extinct. Some species may be, but certainly all are not. Check Extinct Snake Species.

What species of snakes live in the sea?

Sea snakes. That is the actual name of that species of snake. They are or are closely related to the kraits.

What species does the snake belong in?

Snakes are not a single species, nor do they belong to a single genus. Snakes are a suborder of reptiles that contains 3,400 known species in over 500 genera. They belong to the suborder Serpentes in the order Squamata.

Do snakes have venom?

NOT ALL snakes have venom - most snakes kill by constriction. There are roughly 3,500 species of snake in the world and only about 400 species are venomous !

What is a Generic name of several species of harmless snakes in US?

Garden Snakes and Corn Snakes

Are there any snakes with stripes?

Yes - some species of garter snakes, and rat snakes are striped.

Do snakes have family members?

Snakes are not a species; they are a suborder containing hundreds of genera.

Are there corn snakes in Australia?

No. Corn snakes are a North American species.