Stronger body pit or rott

Updated: 4/28/2022
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pitbull is

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Q: Stronger body pit or rott
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Who is stronger pit or mrgamenwatch?

Pit is stronger

Who is stronger pit or meta knight?


What is stronger a red nose pit or a blue nose pit?

red and blue are just the colors of the pits . that's not what make them stronger or not

Is a lion stronger than a pit-bull?

yes lions are stronger than pit bulls they are the best known fighters of the cat family

Who is stronger a pit bulldog or tiger?

A tiger.

Is a pit bull stronger than a mastiff?

no they arnt

What is stronger a pit bull or German shepherd?


I would say rott weiler. pit bulls are more aggressive and known to turn on there owners?

The only reason you may think this is because pit bulls are often used in dog fights. The only reason they are aggressive is because they are taught to be. Pit bulls are actually very sweet dogs.

When was Wolfgang Rott born?

Wolfgang Rott was born in 1946.

When did Rott Abbey end?

Rott Abbey ended in 1803.

How tall is Klaus Rott?

Klaus Rott is 180 cm.

How tall is Matthias Rott?

Matthias Rott is 182 cm.