The Taxonomy for chicken

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In concern with "the taxonomy for [the domestic] chicken": I am not absolutely positive about the validity of this site; I have never used it before, but here is a rather formidably complete bunch of big words. However, one should keep in mind that taxonomists are always, always changing and updating the classifications, so this answer may be out-of-date by next month, or may already be.

Popular Name: Chicken.

Super Kingdom: Eukaryota.

Kingdom: Metazoa.

Phylum: Chordata.

Sub Phylum: Craniata.

Division: Vertebrata.

Subdivision: Euteleostomi.

Super Class: Archosauria.

Class: Aves.

Super Order: Neognathae.

Order: Galliformes.

Family: Phasianidae.

Sub Family: Phasianinae.

Tribe: Genus: Gallus.

Species: gallus domesticus

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Q: The Taxonomy for chicken
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