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(APEX) phylum
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Q: The largest most general groups for classifying organisms?
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What is the most modern version of the classification system that groups all organisms in seven groups from largest to smallest?

Taxonomy is the system of classifying organisms into groups based on common traits. Also used is the system of biological nomenclature, though taxonomy is the favored classification by most scientists.

How do you call a biologists who classify organisms?

A biologist who classify organisms are called taxonomist. They are specialized in classifying organisms into groups based on behavior, structure, and origin.

What is classifying?

Classifying means sorting out. like classifying the living organisms. animals are classified in 2 groups: vertebrates and invertebrates. plants are also classified into 2 groups: produces seeds and produces spores; arranging or distributing objects, events, information, putting them in class according to a method or system.

What are the two largest groups of organisms in the world?


What is the largest groups of organisms?

The largest group of organisms is phylum and I sware to God this is the correct answer.I'm Pretty sure the answer is protista.

Which of the groups of organisms will have the largest mass?

4 individual protons

What is the practice of classifying organisms?

Taxonomy- branch of biology that groups and names organisms based on studies of their shared characteristics; biologists who study taxonomy are called taxonomists.

How is classifying rocks like classifying elements?

It is similar because you are putting rocks into groups like you are putting elements into groups

What do meant by classification and codification?

Codification is a system of classifying items by their groups. The classification of items is classifying these items into categories of groups.

How is like classifying rocks like classifying element's?

It is similar because you are putting rocks into groups like you are putting elements into groups

What is the definition of taxonomy?

a method of grouping organisms a way of classifying organisms

What is the scientific word for putting thing into groups?