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environmental carrying capacity

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Q: The size of a frog population in a pond remains fairly constant over a period of several years because of?
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Why does the temperature in the ice bath remain constant for several minutes after placing the beaker in the warm water bath?

The reason that the temperature in an ice bath remains constant for several minutes after placing a beaker in a warm water bath, is that it takes water longer to heat. The cold water will not heat up right away because the energy hasn't transferred.

Why several seconds after jumping from an aircraft a skydiver will be travelling at a constant speed?

Because you reach maximum velocity.

Why is there a constant struggle for survival among organisms within a population?

There is a constant struggle for survival among organisms within a population because they are all competing for the same resources. Since resources are limited, some of the organisms may end up without the things they need for survival.

A recessive lethal gene exists in a population and remains for several generations Which woman could have passed the recessive lethal allele to offspring but not have the disease herself?

a woman who is heterozygous for the gene

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you have to have a sheet with several different interest rates because the rate is floating and not constant.

The ability to remain undaunted in spite of several failures?

he remains undaunted in spite of several failures

What the value of the universal constant?

There are several different universal constants: Avogadro's number, Gas constant, Gravitational constant. The question needs to be more specific.

A community is several species of animals interacting while a population is?

A community is several species of animals interacting, while a population is

Can the half life of a radioactive isotope decrease as the isotope decays?

No, the half-life of a radioactive isotope does not decrease as the isotope decays. That half-life remains constant. It's the amount of the substance that decreases as the isotope decays.

One reason why foragers typically have low rates of population growth is because?

breast-feeding of infants continues for several years

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There are several names: on of which is Proust's law.

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She stayed in a cave for several centuries where her body remains remain there.